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All Beef, No Fillers

At Krave Burger, we strongly believe that a burger should be made of beef. Just beef, and nothing else. Unlike other places that serve “burgers”, ours are made from 100% locally-sourced beef for the freshest, juiciest patties possible.

We start at the source: Krave Chef Matt MacIsaac worked with Atlantic Beef to develop a customized blend of quality, local beef. It's certified grass-fed, federally-inspected, and raised without the use of steroids or antibiotics.

But we don’t stop there. Our beef is ground in-house throughout the day, taking our obsession with freshness to the next level. The grinding process takes place in a walk-in fridge, where the beef stays cold so its consistency is unaltered, saving every last bit of flavour for you to enjoy.

As if that weren’t enough, once the beef leaves the grinder, it won’t be formed by hand. After adding a dash of seasoning, we mold our patties with a custom-built press, right on the grill. This ensures your burger stays tender, and doesn’t toughen up from over-handling.

This may seem excessive, but it’s all about our commitment to serving you the most delicious burger we can. Taste the difference; we think you’ll agree.